Investment & Sponsorship

In the last decade, MMA has exploded in popularity throughout the UK, USA, and around the world. MMA TV viewership hit a peak of 5.2 million with the highest PPV reaching 2.4 million and $180 million in revenue. According to one study, the UFC’s total fan base grew about 14% in 2021, compared to the fan bases of other sports that same year, Researchers estimate that there are more than 300 million MMA fans around the world, please see below for our full investor deck catalogue.

The rise in celebrity culture in every country is ever increasing. With the growth in social media outlets such as TikTok who have now overtaken Google as the number one website in the world, the hunger for more and more interesting and unique celebrity content has never been greater.  Our innovative coupling of the celebrity phenomenon and the rise of MMA, the most exciting and largest growth sport in the world, results in an entertainment product that will be a sure fire hit not only here in the UK but can be replicated in any country in the world, please click here to download more information on how to becoming part of this amazing event via sponsorship.